What type of luggage should I take with me?



Every time you go on a vacation you should always try to go with less things you need except for the major important things. Travel light for the safety of you and the easier of you controlling things and not worrying about if you have everything and nothing has been stolen. Never take more things then you need. A waste of a bag and a waste of your time getting it all ready to take withyou on your trip and not doing anything with them on the trip. Always have the little accessories that you need and are important and plenty of that, but too many clothing that you most likely wouldn't even wear aren't worth your space in your bags or even having to get another bag. However if you are going to be wearing everything your takingon the trip then with all respect take as much as you want, but for the lighter trip take as little as possible. You can buy many more things and waste an extra bag for the things that you bought on your trip then having an extra bag and also havinganother one for the things you baught durring your time on the trip. Trust me everyone has agreed that traveling lighter makes your life much easier and happier with not that many things to worry about anymore. Your things wouldn't be able to be stolen, well off course if you take well care of all of your belongings while you are there.





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