Who is responsible If items are stolen from my luggage while in flight?



If any items or object get stolen from your luggge while you are on the airplane. The person who is responsible is you mainly. You should know what are in the luggages and what you are allowing to be in the hands of another person. Even though you expect it to be very carefull over your belongings and other thtings, sometimes things can be misplaced or even stolen. Mainly all that material will be your worries and concerns at the end and therefore it will be your responsibility for even allowing your belongings to be placed somewhere you don't really know what is about. In a way it is actually both of your faults the airlines and yours. That is because the airlines people are given that duty too make sure that every thing is right in place and safe, but it is your decision to make your stuff be allowed with their protection. All of your things basically should be under your care, but if it was left under the airlines safety and things get stolen then you need to find or try to find the person that stole and if you can't find the person that stole or damaged your luggage there is really nothing to do, but get that much money worth of belongings that got lost or stolen and try to buy them again, or have the airlines make an agreement with you to help you out and buy you some of the stuff missing or give money. Make sure at all times wherever and whenever you are your items are safe.





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