How much money should I take on my next trip?




You should always have more money then you think you are going to be spending on your trips that you take. However while you are on your vacation you should only put as much as money in your pocket you think is enough to spend that day. It all depends how long your going to be on your trip. Also, never spend your money on things and stuff that you aren't going to see yourself using from a week the day you buy it. Money is a hard thing to earn but very easy gone to waste even on some things you can live without. However, vacations are exceptions to be wasting your money on little waste of things, but to the limit don't over do it. Make sure though you spend your money on the greatest restaurants and wonderfull objects that will be a remembrance to the vacation. I dont know why people end up regreting all that money that they spend and went down the drain. That why you really have to make sure how much you take for you. Also be sure you have enough with you for the nights you are staying and like $100.00 extra in your pocket each day you are there if not atleast $50.00. Money is something you need to be extra careful with.





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