Who should housesit while I am out of town?



While I am out of town on a trip the best people who should housesit your house would be a family member or a best friend. I don't think anyone would just want to hire somebody to housesit their house for couple of days. You don't know what they can do or steal while your out of town. I trust my family and relatives with all my heart and a couple of days being out of town and letting anyone of my family stay at my house and listening and following my rules wouldn't kill me. I wouldn't mind, but even though they are my family it would need to be a family member that I trust very much and I know pretty well. Knowing that he or she wouldn't steel or throw parties while I'm out of town. Housesitters out of no where can damage things sneakly o even steal things. Unless the housesitter you know pretty well and you wouldn't mind having that personto take care of your valuables in the house. Your home is a part of you if it gets destroyed or damaged you can't really do or say anything it wouldn't help the damage is already done with. Therefore, be sure you know who you areletting into your home while your presence is somewhere else. Without the owners presence in their house would also be hard to deal with the person having to housesit would need to be very sure that they would want to take that responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the house. Hoping nothing does go wrong.






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