What if I get sick on my next vacation?




What if you get sick on your vacation. Well therfore you should always have medicine with you or if you ar already taking a medication take it with you on
your trip. Even to little things like vitamins C's and tylenol or advil. It depends on what kind of pain killers you take, but never over dose on it. That will cause you to get drousy and tired and even probabaly pass out. They are very dangerous always ask your doctor to be sure on how much and when you should take any of your medication including tylenols or advils. If your sickness gets to the point where you can't handle it and you are feeling horrible then you should go to the closest hospital or emergeny room there is over there. If you think you wont find the place or you have no idea where it is, just call 911. Getting sick while your on a trip are the worst things ever, thats why you shouldn't do anything over the limit while you are there or even before you go on the trip because it does take time for the sickness to develope in your system. Stay warm at all times and wash yourt hands as many as times you can a day.





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