How can I pay my bills while on vacation?



The way you can pay all your debts or bills while you are on a trip is by getting and applying for Bill Pay. It is a very easy fast step way out to get out of being late on your payments even if you are on a trip. You can take a look at how much you will be paying every month for anything and every electricity bill, even including your little things like TV, cars, and if you have cell phones. You can take a look at even your yearly payments. Bill Pay will even allow you to cancel bill that you need to pay while your on a trip. It will allow you to pay when you return, but will need to be exchanging them ahead of time. Before you go on the trip and you have to pay a payment then make a call to the Bill Pay and let them know you aren't going to be paying that week because your are going to be out of town and they will exchange the time and date that you will need to be paying your bills. However make sure you take care of all that exchanging and recurring a long time before the day comes and your out of town. Bill Pay is free for the first two months for all of the new customers. Other wise if you
decide to keep it will charge you up to $6.95 per month. It is a very good deal.






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